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For Sale By Owner

A for sale by owner transaction can often be an attractive solution. We do not recommend the sale of any property without a complete title search. We can help you navigate the sale and closing of your property.


How to Close a For Sale By Owner Transaction

We have assisted hundreds of FSBO you in a sale where the Buyer and the Seller choose to sell a property without the services of a real estate professional. Quick Close Title Services will perform all necessary services as the closing agent but will not represent either party in a legal capacity. The parties themselves have to come to terms with an agreement.

The Buyer and the Seller must determine who will pay the various charges. We cannot act as agents of either party in negotiations. Once the parties have agreed upon the sales price, earnest money, closing costs, closing date, and other related closing charges, you can contact our office for an appointment with one of our contract specialists to have the proper documents prepared and schedule a closing.

What Services Does Quick Close Title Services Provide?

Our closing services include preparing the sales contract as agreed by the parties, holding the escrow monies, preparation of all closing documents, overseeing the execution of all required documents, recording all instruments with the clerk of the court, and disbursing funds per the closing statement and purchase agreement.

As a title company, we firmly believe there must be an owner’s title insurance policy issued to the purchaser. We can also facilitate a closing if the parties do not wish to purchase title insurance.


What Fees are Customary?

The following fees are customary. The closing costs are subject to the agreement of the parties and are not dictated by law. Closing costs are based on the purchase price. Please contact our office for an estimate of fees.



• Owner’s Title Insurance Policy

• Documentary Stamps on the Deed

• Processing Fee

• Title Search



• Inspections: Home and Termite

• Recordings of Deed/Mortgage

• Processing Fee

If the Buyer chooses to finance their purchase with a commercial lender there will be fees in addition to those listed above for the Buyer. The estimate of these costs will be provided by the lender. In a mortgage real estate closing Quick Close Title Services will represent the lender.

What is included in the For Sale By Owner Packet?

This packet will help you prepare to initiate the closing process, we will customize your forms for you and send them to be signed by all parties in person or electronically.


Your packet will  include the standard forms and can be pre-filled and signed:

Purchase Agreement
Earnest Money Agreement
Seller’s Disclosure Form 
Mortgage Payoff Authorization 
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